Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions


Industry Solutions for Construction

You know the challenges. You need to maximize productivity to stay competitive. But it can be difficult. Real-world job sites bring hard knocks, dust, dirt, water, hazardous materials and temperature extremes - and plenty of noise. Safety is essential and you need the fastest, most effective response if there's an incident. Powered by advanced Motorola technology, the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System is ready to help you respond to those challenges with enhanced productivity.

Move beyond network, device, and geographic boundaries. Using Unified Workgroup Communications, network, device, and geographic boundaries are overcome – your team members can connect from their preferred device to other team members, anywhere, anytime with business-critical information.

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Industry Solutions for Education

From playgrounds to lecture halls, Motorola’s technology solutions are enabling students to learn, grow and thrive in a safe environment. They’re decreasing the amount of time it takes to connect to first responders in case of an emergency. They’re increasing visibility into the events taking place at school, in the community and around the world. They’re protecting youth from the bus stop to the classroom and back again. And giving parents more confidence than they’ve ever had before – that their child will be able to reach their full potential in a safer school.

One platform. One provider. All your communications equipment. Connect all school personnel instantly, from any network or device, and with added intelligence with Team Communications from Motorola Solutions.

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Fire and EMS

Industry Solutions for Fire and EMS

Better intelligence leads to better outcomes.

When it comes to fighting fires, having clearer, more reliable communications for better situational awareness can be the difference between life and death. Real-time access to equipment statuses and personnel locations – indoor and out, means better decisions that lead to better outcomes – outcomes that improve fireground safety and the safety of the communities you serve.

Public safety grade communications enable EMS to speed response and meet their goals of reducing the time for treatment to begin, resulting in improved outcomes and survival rates. Motorola’s Connected EMS solutions give your emergency medical responders real-time access to crucial patient information and situational conditions, empowering them to make faster, smarter decisions prior to arrival, on the scene and en route to the hospital.

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Industry Solutions for Healthcare

We understand your challenges and innovate advanced technology for healthcare. Motorola’s integrated solutions can help you improve everyday and emergency communications and enhance external collaboration with other providers and public safety. Motorola is at the forefront of developing secure, reliable, resilient technology that transforms healthcare. Unlike other wireless systems, digital two-way radio means you aren’t dependent on an external network or commercial carrier for a real-time flow of information. When a crisis occurs, you’ll have private, “always-available” communications to streamline collaboration and speed response.

Using Unified Workgroup Communications, network, device, and geographic boundaries are overcome – your team members can connect from their preferred device to other team members, anywhere, anytime with business-critical information.

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Industry Solutions for Hospitality

From the street to the suite, in small venues and large convention centers, Motorola Solutions is helping staff coordinate and collaborate more efficiently and productively to create a seamless experience for every guest. Properties worldwide are transforming their workplace with Motorola’s next-generation digital communication solutions and expertly integrated systems, applications, accessories and services. Motorola’s hospitality solutions connect different people, departments and facilities together to help operations run smoothly and assure exceptional guest service.

When it comes to speed, nothing is faster than push-to-talk. Motorola Team Communications provide the instant group communications needed for high-performing teams.

Use radios for clear voice in any condition, or the WAVE™ broadband PTT application for instant anywhere connectivity.
Because when your staff needs to help keep a guest happy, every moment matters. With Team Communications, your teams can simply push, talk and confidently get the help they need.

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Law Enforcement

Industry Solutions for Law Enforcement

Until recently, police communications were straightforward, and information was hard to come by. Radios transmitted calls for service, be-on-the-lookout warnings, and provided suspect descriptions all over P25 dedicated voice channels. Responders typically drove back to the station to look up paper records, perform database queries and annotate criminal reports, detracting from time they could spend on the ground solving crimes in their communities.

Today’s police communications integrate ultra-reliable P25 and LTE mobile broadband networks to instantly deliver critical voice and high-speed data applications. Police officers often need immediate access to high-definition images and streaming high-definition video, sensors, floor plans, and GPS tracking of vehicles and people. Converging voice and broadband data improves their situation awareness, enhances tactical collaboration, and improves overall efficiency, empowering first responders to make the cities safer.

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Industry Solutions for Manufacturing

From the production line to the loading dock, in the front office or off-site, Motorola Solutions is helping manufacturers work more efficiently, productively and safely in the most demanding environments. Manufacturers worldwide are transforming their workplace with Motorola’s integrated manufacturing platform and expertly integrated systems, applications, accessories and services. MOTOTRBO radios connect different teams, departments and machines together to keep operations running smoothly and keep manufacturers competitive at the speed of business today.

Motorola’s Team Communications platform takes push-to-talk (PTT) beyond the boundaries of radio, allowing all of your employees to communicate instantly, from anywhere, while leveraging intelligence from a wide range of applications designed to help your business succeed and keep your employees safe from harm. Motorola provides manufacturers with seamless collaboration between their teams on the plant floor, in the front office, and on the delivery dock. When teams can communicate clearly and instantly, from anywhere, safety is enhanced, downtime is reduced, and deadlines are met.

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Oil and Gas

Industry Solutions for Oil and Gas

Your workers operate in hazardous environments that are highly infused with flammable components. Although first to oil is a necessity, maintaining safety, health and the environment is non-negotiable. Motorola Solutions understands how important it is to have mission-critical communications that can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, noise, rain and toxic exposure. That’s why they ensure their equipment meets intrinsic safety requirements, FM and CAS and specific Class levels.  

When an answer is needed, an order is delayed, or a safety situation arises, nothing is faster than push-to-talk. Motorola Team Communications provide the instant group communications needed for high-performing teams. Communicate one-to-one or one-to-many across radios in challenging noise environment, and use the WAVE™ broadband push-to-talk (PTT) application on smartphones, tablets, or laptops to expand the same conversation to wherever network connectivity exists.

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Industry Solutions for Retail

In retail, the shopper’s experience is everything. It’s how browsing becomes buying, customers become brand advocates and how retailers influence the purchase path. By seamlessly connecting different teams and departments, you help your operations run smoothly and provide excellent service to the customer the minute they walk through your door. With Motorola’s communication solutions you can engage with your shoppers and keep them coming back. Motorola’s radios and accessories have been specifically designed to meet the needs of your staff. Lightweight and discreet, they ensure crystal clear and real-time communications and let you deliver exceptional customer service.

Move beyond network, device, and geographic boundaries. How do you make communicating as easy as if your team was standing next to each other? Whether you’re in the office, on site, or at a conference hundreds of miles away, with Motorola’s Team Communications solution your team is always just a “push” away.

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Industry Solutions for Transportation

Ensure the smooth flow of finished goods into the hands of your customers with access to real-time data and always-on communications.

Motorola’s communication solutions help you optimize your vehicles to service the supply chain and ultimately, your customers. Applications that track vehicles and shipments enable more on-time and accurate deliveries, all while improving safety and complying with regulatory requirements. Drivers are safer, costs are lower, and customers are satisfied. Meet your deadlines safely and efficiently, and exceed expectations with communication solutions adapted to your needs.

With Motorola Solutions Team Communications, your workers can communicate instantly and securely via push-to-talk (PTT) between smartphones, radios, computers, landlines or any other devices. And their PTT communications are augmented with a rich data application ecosystem for additional context and intelligence. You can select the best device for each worker, confident that they can collaborate with each other.

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Industry Solutions for Utilities

Utilities are critical infrastructure, and are key to enabling disaster response. Technicians must make sure electric and gas lines are secured before first responders step in, and restoring power is a race against the clock to maintain order and empower emergency response.

Our solutions are adapted for your needs. You can connect mobile crews and assets to help respond quickly, manage power delivery effectively, achieve regulatory compliance, and bring your community safety back on the grid.

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