Radio Rentals

Blumerich has a fleet of portable radios with accessories available for short-term or long-term rental. Keep your special event and local teams organized this year. If you need on-site communications for yearly or periodic special events, and you do not want equipment being stored or lost, the smart thing to do is rent.

Your Benefits Include:

  • Low Cost Per Radio
    Our rates start at $12.00per radio per day. We have long-term and repeat-rental rates that will save you even more. Call us and we will make it work for your special event.
  • No FCC License or Radios to keep
    Use our licensed frequencies and radios that we maintain just for this purpose. Ever have a radio and hear the local school or drive-thru restaurant on your channel? It happens and you cannot have it! Go exclusive, go Blumerich!
  • Privacy
    Our licensed channels are guaranteed to be clear and private. If not, we will change it to another licensed channel immediately. No lost time during your special event.
  • Rugged, durable radios
    We use rugged radios that meet MIL SPEC standards. These are not kids radios or ones you see at the local sports outlet.
  • Accessories
    You expect to get chargers, batteries, antennas and belt clips with your radio, but do you need speaker microphones, ear pieces, or headsets? We have them. How about a base unit for the main tent or coordinator’s office? We have that too!
  • Customer Support
    As an authorized Motorola Premier Service Partner, we also have the technical staff to install and service our radios. We are here when you need us.

Long-Term Rentals

Blumerich has radios available for monthly rates and longer. For special projects, or when funding dictates your operation be staffed only so long, we understand. We have helped several companies and organizations transition to larger facilities, move out of state, even liquidate. Radios were needed for a time longer than normal, yet buying them did not make sense. Do it right, contact us