Wide Area Coverage

Your Private Radio System

It really is your private radio system. How? It’s digital, and digital means only your radios can hear and respond to your radio traffic, period. Get your work force off their cell phones and on the device you control. Do it for less.

Your Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited Air Time
    Unlike cell phone carriers, you have unlimited air time. It’s on 24 X 7, use it all you like.
  • Flat Rates = no hidden fees
    No overtime, no day vs night, no weekday vs weekend. What you sign for is what you pay.
  • Privacy
    Did we mention it is private? You hear only those radios assign to your digital ID.
  • Rugged, durable radios
    The Motorola MOTOTrbo digital radios are not a cell phone wrapped in rubber. These are MIL SPEC radios with all kinds of rugged accessories. Headsets, speaker microphones, ear pieces, you name it. They are tough.
  • Loud and Clear
    The MOTOTrbo radios are loud and clear. You can hear why Motorola is the industry leader.
  • Packages to Meet Your Needs
    Blumerich offers air-time only, air-time+AVL tracking, air-time+radio, or any combination that fits your budget and your needs. Buy or lease your radios, we have packages for that as well.
  • Customer Support
    As an authorized Motorola Premier Service Partner, we also have the technical staff to install and service your radios. We are here when you need us.

Radio Coverage

Blumerich Communication Service, Inc. serves the lower mid-Michigan area. From the Detroit area north to Bay County, and from Lansing west to the Lapeer area, Your Private Radio System is large enough for most local area businesses. Click on our Coverage Map to see where we can serve you.

If your needs are even larger, Blumerich has agreements with other carriers that could effectively expand your reach. Call us today!

Your Private Packages – Air Time and GPS

Single site radio coverage packages start at just $15.00per radio. Wide area packages start at just $17.00 per radio. Add GPS to any package for just $8.00/mo. Click on Your Private Radio Packages for more information.

Add GPS For Less

Our GPS package gives you a web site log-on. No software to buy, no yearly upgrade fees, just log on and watch. There are ways to customize your views, even download reports. It is all there, and it only costs $8.00 per unit per month (added to your air-time package). Some call it Automatic Vehicle Location or AVL, we call it cheap! Click on Your Private Radio Packages for more information.

Radio Choices

We use only real Motorola MOTOTrbo products on our Your Private Radio System. Motorola really did hit a home run with these radios. Mobiles, portables, base stations, accessories, you name it, Motorola and Blumerich has it. These radios are rugged, feature packed, and sound great. Best of all, they have models that we sell from $350.00 on up. Click here for more information on MOTOTRBO Radios.

Your Radio And Air-Time Packages

You can package your radio purchase and air time together for one cost. These packages start as low as $35.00per/mo per radio. Click on Your Radio and Air-Time Packages for more information.